The first Pan American meeting of the Capuchin Minor Friars’ Order!

We want to reach the brothers who, are currently living our charism throughout the continent. And, together we want to offer increasingly effective conditions for their hopes to come true.

#1 Letter of Call from the General Minister

The General Minister, Fray Roberto, sends the letter of the meeting to all the major superiors of the Pan American constituencies. To download the letter, click on the icon above.

# 2 Celebration for your Province or Custody

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# 3 First Local Chapter

"The Lord has given it to me, Br. Francisco ..." (Test 1,1)

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#4 First Local Chapter Answers

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#5 Second Local Chapter

"And let us return all goods to the Lord, the highest God"... RnB 17, 17

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#6 Replies of the Second Local Chapter

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#7 Third Local Chapter

#8 Third Local Chapter Answers

#9 Meeting in Panama

OCTOBER 19-26, 2020

Watch the video of the General Minister, who convened the 1st Pan American Meeting of OFMCap. Enable subtitles for your language:

Meeting Advisors

Cardinal br. Seán Patrick O’Malley

Cardinal br. Seán Patrick O’Malley

Cardinal Seán Patrick O’Malley, O.F.M. Cap., was professed as a Capuchin Franciscan in 1965 and ordained a priest in 1970. He earned a Ph.D. in Spanish and Portuguese literature from The Catholic University of America, where he taught from 1969 to 1973. Cardinal O’Malley founded Centro Catolico Hispano (Hispanic Catholic Center), an organization that assists immigrants. He was named bishop of the Diocese of St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands in 1985, of the Diocese of Fall River, Mass., in 1992, of Palm Beach, Fla. in 2002 and Archbishop of Boston in 2003. He was created a cardinal by Pope Benedict XVI in March, 2006. Cardinal O’Malley serves on the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Committee for Pro-Life Activities and the Board of Trustees of The Catholic University of America, among others. In 2010 Pope Benedict appointed Cardinal O’Malley as a Visitator for the Church in Ireland. In 2013 Pope Francis appointed to Cardinal O’Malley to the Council of Cardinals and in 2014 as President of the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors. In September of 2018 Pope Francis appointed Cardinal O’Malley to the Synod on Amazonia

Br Luiz Carlos Susin

Br Luiz Carlos Susin

Faculty of Theology (1979), Bachelor of Philosophy from the Faculty of Philosophy, Science and Letters of Ijuí (currently Unijuí) (1971), Master degreed /Doctorate of Theology from Pontifical Gregorian University of Rome (1979-1983). He is currently a professor at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul, but also a permanent researcher of the graduate’s program in Theology. Professor at the School of Franciscan Theology and Spirituality for higher studies of Porto Alegre, member of the interdisciplinary advisory team of the conference of Religious of Brazil, General Secretary of the World Forum on Theology and Liberation. He previously was a member of the editorial committee of the Concilium for the International Journal of Theology for fifteen years (2000-2015) and currently works in the scientific committee. As well as founder and president of the Association of Theology and Religious Sciences, in the triennium 1998-2001. He was a guest professor at the Antoniana University of Rome, at the Institute of Theology and Pastoral of the Episcopal Confederation of Latin America in Bogotá. He collaborated as a professor in the Faculty of Philosophy of Pucrs, in Environmental Ethics and Metaphysics. In 2011 he completed his post-doctoral internship at Georgetown University, in Washington.

Fr Bernardo Molina

Fr Bernardo Molina

Born in Chile, Friar Bernardo Molina has a doctor degree in theology, with a specialisation in Spirituality by The Pontifical University Antonianum, in Rome.

He currently teaches at The Pontifical University Antonianum (Rome), Franciscan Institute of Spirituality (Rome), The Advanced School of Medieval and Franciscan Studies ( Madri ) and The Faculty of Theology in The Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. He was member of the Coordination and Review Commission of the new edition of the Franciscan Sources, in Spanish. He is currently part of the Editorial Board of the Franciscan Studies magazine of the Iberian Capuchin provinces. Formator in the Province of Chile, he worked in the permanent formation of the friars and other congregations in Rome and Spain.

He is also part of the Commission for the elaboration of the _Ratio Romationis_ of the Order. He has publications in the areas of Theology, Spirituality, Franciscanism and Formation, in Spanish and Italian.

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Who is invited to this meeting?

In addition to the General Minister and his Council, who will be present, the following are convened:

The Provincial Ministers, Custodians and superiors of the Delegations of the four Conferences of the American Continent;

A lay brother by conference, preferably younger than age 40;

A brother from each constituency with more than 80 members, also under the age of 40.


The communication of the meeting

Information from the Order’s Pan American Meeting will be available through the media: Hotsite: Here at this hotsite will be available official meeting materials such as letters, downloadable information and the content we receive Leia mais…