“These commitments, which we have agreed upon, encourage us to take sure, concrete, and firm steps to journey together in fidelity: to the Father who continues to call us, to the Rule that we have promised [to follow], to the churches in which we serve and to the holy people of God to which we belong.”

This was stated in the final document of the Pan-American Capuchin Meeting, held in 2022.

Entitled “A Breath of Life”, the document took a hopeful look at our presence in the Americas and proposed a profound reflection on Mission, Formation, Structures, and Collaboration, identifying the paths we would like to follow to be more authentic Capuchins.

Yes! He has shown us the way. It means that we do not stand still.

The charism remains, but our structures, our desires, and the needs of the times are renewed. As Friars Minor, we want to respond with fidelity to the services to which we are called in the different places where we are present.

This great continent has many realities that cry out for a prophetic presence, not by our merit, but by the Holy Spirit that we have received in our baptism.

We are missionaries in this mission land.

And the work does not stop! We need to continue these reflections so that our religious consecration may bear fruit wherever we are.

One of the determinations of the last Pan-American Encounter (EPAN) is that the tasks previously carried out by the Assembly of Capuchins of Latin America and the Caribbean, ALAC, will now be carried out by the Pan-American.

And we are ready!

In February 2024, in Bogota, Colombia, the Capuchins living in the Americas will once again be represented. Let us be united in prayer for the success of this gathering.

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