One of the reasons for the move from the Pan American Meeting to Brazil was the possibility of hosting the more than 70 participants in a house of the Order. The meeting will take place at the Santo Antônio Seminar, of the Capuchins of São Paulo.


The Santo Antônio do Alto da Serra Seminary was built in the 1940s. With the encouragement of Freis Henrique Verussa, Ambrósio Luz and Francisco Belotto, it was the place of vacation and summer for seminarians and friars. The house was always open for retreats and gatherings of friends, relatives of the friars and communities for their meetings.

In 1999, reforms began: first in the old building, adapting it for better accommodation and infrastructure of the buildings and later the construction of a new wing for bedrooms and a house for the fraternity.

On November 10, 2003, the new wing and blessing of all reform was officially inaugurated with the presence of the Minister General and all the brothers of the Capuchin Province of São Paulo for the commemorative Assembly of the brothers’ 50th anniversary.

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