This Sunday, February 4, the II Pan-American Meeting of the Capuchins began at the Pinares Retreat House in Bogota, Colombia. About 50 friars from all over the American Continet are participating in this second meeting where they will share about the reality of the mission, formation, structures and collaboration among the Capuchins of the entire continent.

The friars will be together until February 11. During the meeting there will be presentations, presentations of topics regarding the document “A Breath of Life”, group discussions and plenary sharing. In addition, there will be discussions on issues pertaining to the “Ratio Formationis”, the Schola Fratrum, Exchanges and the St. Lawrence of Brindisi Fraternities Project.

This year, our Order will celebrate its General Chapter. The theme of the Chapter will also be a theme of sharing and dialogue among the friars. The realization of the II Pan-American Encounter is a great celebration of fraternity, faith and prayer where the friars elaborate an itinerary of activities to be developed and applied in our life as Friars Minor and in the apostolic mission.

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