Since the beginning of May we have been celebrating the 1st Pan American Capuchin Meeting in virtual mode. We already had several meetings with an impressive participation of the formandi, the formators, those who work with JPIC … and now it is time to listen to the proposals of all the brothers who carry out some apostolic activity: in the parishes, in the conventual churches, in the schools, chaplaincies, sanctuaries, social works, popular missions, the media, border pastorals … and many other expressions of service to the people of God. This meeting will be held this October, the month of missions. The theme will be: An order in departure: identity and mission.

In the second section, on the 25th, at the same time, we will have the presentation of the synthesis elaborated in the conferences based on the contributions of all the brothers, and our brothers. John Celichowski (USA) and Vanildo Zugno (Brazil) will help us to deepen some of the shared aspects. We will also have an audio visual material that will make us perceive the many apostolic activities that we are already carrying out.

In each circumscription we have two brothers who are helping us: 1) in motivating all the brothers; 2) in sending the short questionnaire after the first section; and 3) in the synthesis of each constituency and of the Conference.

The sections will be via Zoom, and all the brothers will have to register in order to participate in the meeting and access the simultaneous translation service. To better organize ourselves, we ask that you can register as soon as possible at this link:

Therefore, dear brother who are serving as a Capuchin to the people of God in the Americas, we invite you to reserve these two dates, so that as a great fraternity we can pray, reflect and discern together new proposals for our apostolic action, here in the ” The new World”. Your participation is very important.

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