After the inaugural session at the beginning of May, the Pan-American Capuchin Conference continued its first official meeting on Monday, June 7, to reflect on the mission of the friars. Major superiors and delegates from circumscriptions throughout the Americas met virtually to reflect on the missionary life of the brothers in these lands.

The meeting began with an opening prayer offered in four languages. The team showed a video presenting the delegates, participants, and the team members of the summit involved in the conference. In addition to the delegates, technical staff, and translators also actively participated in the meeting.

In another video, laypeople, from different places where the friars minister, expressed their gratitude for their presence and service. Also, it showed the different groups of the faithful served in parishes, the social service programs in vulnerable areas, and other ministries performed by the Order in this continent.


Helmut Rakowski, Vicar Provincial of the Capuchins in Germany, proposed some topics for reflection. Among the highlights made by Br. Helmut was the Capuchin presence in various missionary paths called by the Church. At the beginning of Helmut’s presentation, he discussed his personal experience primarily ministering to the vulnerable populations of Mexico, along with other countries.

Then, the brothers were divided into groups, by language, to further discuss the missions in their provinces. Based on the perspective of the Franciscan sources, the history of the Order, and the current documents, the presentation was a call to perceive that a passionate and creative apostolic life, especially committed to the poorest, and the sending out of missionaries are essential characteristics of our Capuchin charism. Each group of brothers briefly explained the current reality of the Order in their circumscription, which will be made available to all the brothers in the summary of the Summit.

The session on mission concluded with a video in which the Provincials of Peru, Colombia, and the Custos of Amazonas and Roraima in Brazil signed an agreement for the formation of international fraternities in the tri-border area in the heart of Amazonia.

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