“There needs to be formation for the missions, including the ad gentes mission throughout each stage of formation, from  vocational ministry to ongoing formation, integrating significant missionary experiences as part of the formation program.” (A Breath of Life – Conclusions of the Pan American Conference 2022)

The International Fraternities of St. Lawrence in Leticia (Colombia) and Benjamin Constant (Brazil) have prepared an experiential course on Mission and our Capuchin Charism. The two fraternities have friars from different circumscriptions and offer a prophetic and fruitful presence on Amazonian soil.

The meeting, which began in mid-August, will last until October 15 and is not only a theoretical course but a missionary experience with the friars who live in these places. There are ten post-novitiate friars from different provinces and custodies of Latin America who first arrived in Leticia and now travel to Brazil.

The truth is that mission is an essential part of our charism and there is a Capuchin way of being a missionary.

“On fire with love for Christ and sustained by the example of our holy missionaries, let the brothers embark on their mission driven by the desire to serve the local Churches in the work of spreading the Gospel.” (Capuchin Constitutions, 177, 2)

Reflection of the Pan-American

The experience of this course in the two international fraternities shows us two aspects that were reflected upon in the first Capuchin Pan-American Meeting: Mission and Collaboration. This is proof that the Order of Friars Minor Capuchin in America continues to keep the flame of its charism burning and giving witness to the Gospel.

We recall the words of Br. Roberto Genuin, Minister General, at the opening of the final document of the Pan-American Conference:

“It brings us back to reflections on mission, collaboration, formation and structures, and identifies the paths we’d like to take in order to be more authentic Capuchins.”

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