As you well know, the Pan American Capuchin Meeting, which began virtually May 3rd through Zoom meetings, will be concluded in a face-to-face assembly with a group of friars convoked in the city of São Paulo on May 2022. Throughout the present year, in order to fulfill our desire of promoting the participation of most of the friars, we began holding different virtual meetings, thus giving the opportunity for all of us to give our contribution so that together we can keep alive “the flame of our charism” in our continent of the Americas.

On November 22nd and December 6th we will be summoning the young friars, that is, all the friars who have made their perpetual vows from January 1st 2010 to the present time. In these meetings, about 400 friars will be gathered from the different countries in the American Continent through the virtual platform ZOOM to reflect on how we are living as Capuchins, what are our dreams for the present and the future, what are the difficulties we are currently facing, and what could be our contribution in this Pan American effort to give more life to the essential values of our Capuchin charism.

To get ourselves ready for this meeting we have prepared a short questionnaire that you can access at the following link: questionnaire.

We ask that you submit your contributions using the link above before October 8th so that we can make a synthesis of the contributions and forward them to all the young friars as a basis for our presentations and discussions in the virtual meetings indicated above.

Thank you very much brother for your participation and collaboration in our Pan-American Capuchin Meeting. May God and our Mother of Guadalupe, patroness of the Americas, bless you and continue to encourage you to live our charism faithfully in the area of America where you are present.

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