The beginning of May 2022 was marked by a historic meeting for the Capuchin Franciscan Friars of the Americas. The idea of a Pan-American Meeting of the Capuchins was formed with the desire to revive the mission in our territories and to reflect on the formative processes in our continent.

The Order of Friars Minor Capuchins had hoped to celebrate this meeting in person in the year 2020. However, due to circumstances arising from the Covid-19 pandemic, it was necessary to rethink the meeting. The idea of the Pan-American meeting was continued and restructured in two stages: the virtual and the face-to-face. In this way, what was originally planned as a 6-day face-to-face meeting was extended and became a real experience of sharing, training, exchange of experiences, and reflections in a virtual format for a year.

After the realization of the virtual meetings, the conclusion of this historical moment took place in person at the premises of St. Anthony’s Seminary, located in Serra de São Pedro, São Paulo, Brazil.


On the morning of the first day of May, the Capuchins gathered in the chapel of St. Anthony’s Seminary to commence the meeting with the celebration of the Eucharist. Approximately 80 friars from across the Americas were present for this celebratory moment. Besides the friars from the Americas, Friar Roberto Genuin, the Minister General of the Order, and the members of the General Council also participated.

The meeting comprised three conferences, aiming to stimulate reflections and assist the friars in elaborating and developing a path of unity, as well as revaluing the mission in the Americas.



After the meeting, a drafting team was formed to prepare a final document with all the proposals for the Pan-American meeting. These proposals were used for the animation of the friars throughout the continent, under the executive guidance of the General Councillors for the Americas and the presidents of the Conferences. The name of this final document is “A Breath of Life.”

A year later, in May 2023, a new team was formed for the organization and preparation of the II Panamerican Capuchin Meeting, abbreviated as OFMCap Panamerica. “The name ‘OFMCap Panamerica’ has evolved into a permanent working organization, extending beyond the confines of meetings. It not only fosters animation within the three Conferences but also actively engages in Formation and Communication. Moreover, it plays a key role in proposing and championing initiatives at the continental level.”

Thus, in preparation for our II Meeting, we are already holding virtual meetings. The first meeting already took place on November 15 through the Zoom platform. Our second virtual meeting will take place on December 13 at 21:00 Rome time.

To participate in the virtual meetings, you only need to fill out the form below. The form must be completed only once. If you have already registered for the first virtual meeting, it is not necessary to fill out the registration form again. You will receive the orientations for participation via email, WhatsApp, or Telegram.

We will meet on December 13, PACE AND GOODNESS!

To participate in the virtual sessions, fill out the form by clicking here or on the image below.

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