Prayer in Preparation for the Pan-American Capuchin Summit

Most High, Omnipotent, and Good Lord,
we praise you for the beautiful presence of the Capuchins in the Americas:
a past of great dreams,
a present of many sacrifices,
and a future full of hope!
Yes, Most High, to You alone be the praise and all glory!
Most High, Omnipotent, and Good Lord,
grant us the grace to fan the flame of our charism in the Americas,
faithful to the spirit of our beginnings,
open to the changes of our time,
attentive to the needs and the cries of the hearts
that beat on these immense continents,
recasting our form of evangelical life,
reinventing our structures,
and strengthening our presence,
that the charism you have given us
may be always more visible and relevant.
Through the hands of Our Lady of Guadalupe,
patroness of the Americas,
bless the Pan-American Capuchin Summit.
Enlighten us with the tenderness of Francis and the vigor of Clare.
Strengthen us through the witness of so many Capuchins
who have given their lives in this land,
that we too may follow in the footprints of your beloved Son.


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