The Pan-American Capuchin Meeting has entered into a new phase. On Monday, October 11th, practically all the friars who carry out a pastoral activity in this immense continent gathered together.

Motivated to respond to the call of Pope Francis, the Capuchin Pastoral Ministers of the Americas want to be an Order going out, diversifying more their presence among the people of God, in a desire to rescue their identity and live the mission. Before beginning the presentations on the theme, the friars were invited to watch a video on the pastoral work carried out by the Order in the Americas.

Archbishop Andrés Stanovinick, Archbishop of Corrientes, Argentina, made his presentation. In his address, Archbishop Andres Stanovinick stressed the need and urgency for the friars to live in a “fraternity going out”, without losing sight of the contemplative and apostolic dimension proper to the Capuchin identity.

In his presentation, Br. Larry Webber recalled especially the testimony of Blessed Solanus Casey. He encouraged the friars to live an evangelical life that leads to closeness to those in need of an encounter with God.

Other moments

The General Councilors of the Capuchin Conferences of the Americas, Brothers José Ángel, Silvio de Almeida and Celestino Arias, were also present at this meeting.

During another part of the meeting, laypeople from different parts thanked the friars for their presence and participation in the different geographical areas. Finally, the friars were moved by the song “Pescadores de Hombres / Lord, You Have Come”, sung in Spanish, Guarani, English, and Portuguese.

The next session for further reflection with the pastoral ministers has been scheduled for October 25th at 5:00 p.m. Brasilia time.

Session video.

Session content.

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