The last virtual session of the Pan-American Capuchin Meeting took place on March 7th. The next step in the program is the actual meeting in May in Sao Paulo (Brazil).

In this session the reflection was on collaboration, so the friars watched a video about international fraternities in the Amazon region. The friars, who recently assumed the collaboration in this very important mission for the Order, discussed the objectives of their presence and the expectations they carry with them.

Also in the video, the superiors involved in sending friars to the region spoke about the importance of the provinces sending friars to this and other missions of the Order around the world. Only through collaboration will it be possible to be present, as Capuchins, in some places that lack such a presence.


In the first part of the presentation, Br. Mauro Jöhri, who has been Minister General of the Order, offered from his experience, inputs for the participants to reflect on how they can collaborate with the Order’s activities beyond the boundaries of provinces or custodies.

Then, the brothers were divided, as usual, into groups, by language, to discuss about the proposition of Br. Mauro, considering the experience in the Amazon region. Afterwards, each secretary had some time to present what was thought by the group.

In addition, Br. Roberto Genuin, Minister General, made his contribution by highlighting the experience of missionary collaboration.

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