On November 8th, 2021, a new session of the Capuchin Pan-American Meeting took place, bringing together the major superiors of the circumscriptions of the Americas and the delegates.  In this meeting, held virtually, the friars discussed the structures of the Order and presented proposals for reflection that will be presented at the face-to-face meeting in May of next year.

Before the presentation of the planned theme, the friars who preside over the conferences presented, through videos, the reality of each of the provinces, custodies, delegations, and missions in which they are organized.

With the help of Br. John Corriveau, who served the Order as Minister General for twelve years, he proposed a reflection on how the friars live, organize, and work in these lands. Subsequently, on the basis of what was presented, the friars were divided up into language groups and continued to deepen their reflections on the material presented by John Corriveau.

In light of what has been proposed to us and also our personal experiences in our circumscriptions, what are the structures of our Order that need to be adapted and why?


Each group had two minutes to briefly present what was discussed. However, it is important to remember that all the reflections will be sent to the preparatory team and will be taken up again at the face-to-face meeting.

During the break, the Minister General, Br. Roberto Genuin, addressed those who were following the transmission. A great emphasis that Br. Genuin made was the need to review these structures, starting with the internal ones, to evaluate the most important aspects of the life of a Capuchin Friar Minor.

Final Announcements

The closing announcements of the meeting was noteworthy, since Br. João Junior, one of the moderators, spoke about the event that should mark the beginning of the presence of the Capuchins of St. Paul in Chile. The event is scheduled for November 17 and will be held remotely, bringing together the friars of Chile, Brazil, and the General Council in Rome.

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