On October 25, the second session of the Pan-American Meeting of the Capuchin Pastoral Ministers reflected on the presentations of the first meeting. Since the first session, held on October 11, the brothers had the opportunity to reflect on some issues regarding fraternity and the circumscriptions. Eventually, each of the conferences presented a synthesis.

The reflections made by the brothers took into account the aspects most present in the pastoral activities and in the fraternities. Besides, they elaborated a proposal that would be presented in the face-to-face conference with those summoned in May 2022. Also, it was discussed what was presented during the two presentations of Vanildo Zugno, from Brazil, and John Celihowski, from the United States.

Roberto Genuin encouraged the friars to continue their pastoral work in these lands without losing sight of fraternal life as an integral part of the Capuchin apostolate.

First Session

Andrés Stanovinick, Archbishop of Corrientes (Argentina), and Br. Larry Webber emphasized the need for “fraternities that go out” and for an evangelical experience that leads to closeness with those who need an encounter with God.

The meeting of the pastoral ministers, the formators, and those in formation took place between the official sessions and offered elements of reflection to those invited to the Pan-American Conference.

The content of the session will be available on the download page.

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