In 2022, the first Pan-American meeting of the Capuchins took place in Brazil. In preparation for this grand meeting, several online sessions were held for the friars to discuss pertinent topics in our apostolic and missionary life.
Next year, 2024, Capuchins from all over the Americas will come together once again to hold the II Pan-American Meeting. With the intention of motivating the friars and proposing a reflection that is more in-depth in the face-to-face meeting, 3 virtual meetings will be held. In the first meeting we will talk about the “Implications of the path of synodality in the apostolic life of our Order”. To participate, simply access the link that will be made available 24 hours before the meeting on our website and in the official Friars of the Americas group on Facebook.

First date
1. General objective: The implications of the path of synodality in the apostolic life of our Order.
Implications of the path of synodality in the apostolic life of our order
• Guest: Friar Vanildo Zugno
• Facilitator: Friar Rubens Mota
• Date: November 15, 2023 at 9pm Rome time.

Second Meeting
2. General objective: The need for a long-term project in our circumscriptions (what’s the point of thinking about structures if we don’t know where we want to get to?
• Guest: Friar Jesús García
• Facilitator: Friar Marcos Ramírez
• Date: December 13, 2023, 9pm Rome time.

Third Meeting
3. General objective: Fraternity, prayer and faith; If Francis came back to life, would he find faith among his brothers?
• Guest: Card. Friar Seán O’Malley
• Facilitator: Friar Diogo Augustine
• Date: January 17, 2024, 9pm Rome time.

To participate in the virtual sessions, fill out the form by clicking here or on the image below.

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